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A Virgin Islands Cultural Experience

Experience the Caribbean's sundry and vibrant culture through the pages of Creative Callaloo: Art, Poems, and Recipes Inspired by the Virgin Islands. St. Croix born author and contemporary artist Danica M. David share the nuances of art, culture, and Virgin Islands history. Featuring recipes by accomplished chef Mark E. Davis and poems by the talented Winifred “Oyoko” Loving. The vibrant art will stimulate your senses, the passionate poetry will enlighten your spirit, and the appealing recipes will satisfy your appetite.


In this vibrantly illustrated book, St. Croix artist Danica M. David, poet Winifred Oyoko Loving, and chef Mark E. Davis serve us a delicious and nourishing blend of recipes, poetry, art, history, and more. A unique and satisfying Caribbean book with the colors and flavors of the Virgin Islands on every page.


Thanks for your interest in my book "Creative Callaloo: Art, Poems,and Recipes Inspired by the Virgin Islands." For more information about my media kit please follow this link.


Photo credit: Chalana Brown

“What a wonderful gift from the Virgin Islands! Creative Callaloo is full of the color, creativity, and joy that represents the very spirit of the


Gillian Royes

Author of The Goat Woman of Largo Bay,

Simon & Schuster, NY

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